Posted by: Marisa Tolsma | January 17, 2010

Making Ox Tail Soup

Last week I made a sort of ‘different’ dish, ox tail soup.
The tails came from my very own beef steers which I
raised myself. The recipe I used came from the good
‘ol Fanny Farmer cookbook. As you’ll see, I didn’t
follow the recipe exactly.

The tails were frozen, so I put them in the oven for a bit.

I heated some olive oil in a pot.

I dusted the tails with flour.

This picture is pretty self-explanitory. 🙂

Bonny is hoping she’ll get a sample. She’s a good helper
in the kitchen, lol.

I took the tails out and drained the oil, and put broth
and water into the pot.

I put the tails back in,

…and let them simmer for quite a few hours.

About 3o minutes before serving, I added vegetables:
carrots, celery, leeks, etc. I also added salt and pepper at
this point. This soup needed quite a bit of salt.

Gracie made some wonderful biscuits to go with the soup.

Here it is, served in a gorgeous bowl!



  1. I must say, that tail didn’t look too appetizing, but the soup looks good!

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